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John Moolenaar

US Congressman

"As a lifelong resident of Midland, I know how important it is to keep our community safe and there's no one more qualified to be our next sheriff than Myron Greene. Myron has been keeping Midland safe for almost 30 years and he has the most on-the-job experience of anyone in this race. He has demonstrated his leadership ability and will continue to make Midland a safe place where families can live, work, and pursue their dreams. That's why Myron has my full support for Midland County Sheriff."

John Moolenaar wih Myron Greene
Bill Schuette

Former MI Attorney General


"Myron Greene has the proven experience and solid law enforcement background to be Midland County’s next Sheriff. Keeping Midland safe is his highest priority. Myron Greene has the right law enforcement ingredients to keep Midland safe and he will be an outstanding Sheriff for our Midland community.”

Bill Schuette with Tammi and Myron Greene
Jim Stamas

State Senator - 36th District

"I have examined each candidate's qualifications and Midland County's next sheriff must be someone with the right experience, a proven track record of dedication to this community, and someone who upholds our values. And Myron Greene does. I have known Myron for over 20 years. He is well-respected in the community and has 27 years of law enforcement experience to draw from and lead the Sheriff's Office in addressing the tough issues that face Midland County. That's why I'm giving my full endorsement to Myron Greene as our next Midland County Sheriff."

Jimmy Greene

President & CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors

"I love this guy and it's no offense to any of the other candidates running, but sometimes you just know who you're supporting.  I'm not a Midland County voter, though I work there daily and I feel so much a part of its fabric. So If I can help in any way, I am certainly going to do what I can.  He's definitely worthy of the office."

Jimmy Greene with Myron Greene
William A. Smith, Retired

Patrol Lt. / Jail Administrator - Midland Sheriff's Office

"Due to Myron's length of service and his experience of working in every division of the Sheriff's Office, along with his extensive training and education, he is clearly the most well-rounded to handle the responsibilities of running the Office."

Clark Gerstacker

Gerstacker Farms - Larkin Township

"Myron has the knowledge, skills, and personal connections within the community to keep Midland safe from the ever-changing threats to our society."

Mel Mathews, Retired

1st Lt./BAYANET Unit Commander/Post Commander - Michigan State Police

"Myron was my Assistant Team Leader and one of the most detail-oriented and hardest working detectives on our team. He was very successful in working large scale multi-jurisdictional investigations."

Robert Worsley, Retired

Patrol Lt. / Jail Administrator - Midland Sheriff's Office

"As a lifelong resident of Midland County, Myron is well-respected and a man of integrity. He understands the needs of the community and has been a mentor to many, both on and off duty. He has the professional and personal leadership qualities needed to be a great Sheriff."

Fred C. Dingman, Retired

Captain - Midland Police Department


"Myron's years of experience in every aspect of the department gives him the knowledge and skills necessary to be the next Midland County Sheriff. He is a law enforcement officer, dedicated to protect and serve the citizens of Midland Country.  He has my full  support.."

Patrick Hansen, Retired

Patrol Lieutenant - Midland Police Department


“I worked with Myron for most of the 25 years I spent in law enforcement in Midland. Myrons' extensive law enforcement training, his administration of successful businesses and his experience in dealing with human relations and negotiating financial issues with in the county make him the most qualified candidate. He is an exceptional community-oriented officer. His knowledge, training, and his experience performing different duties will make him an exceptional Sheriff for Midland County."

Robert Lane, Retired

Deputy Chief - Midland Police Department


“Myron is by far the most qualified candidate in this race. In addition to his law enforcement experience, he has extensive knowledge of office operations and administrative procedures like budgeting and employee/management rights. This will serve him well as Sheriff." 

Robert Brzak, Retired

Patrolman - Midland Police Department


“I worked alongside Myron for the majority of my 24 years with the Midland Police Department. Myron's integrity and commitment to the citizens of Midland has always been evident and he has proven himself to be competent, hard-working, and someone who truly cares about the safety of Midland and his co-workers. He enjoys serving the public, he always has a smile on his face, and he will make a great Sheriff! " 

Ron Rutledge, Retired

Patrolman - Midland Police Department


“I first met Myron over 25 years ago as he volunteered for a Kindergarten reading program. Myron was a newly hired officer and wanted to be a positive role model to the children. He has carried this dedication throughout his career. Myron’s community leadership and his professional qualifications make him the best candidate for Midland County Sheriff." 

Deborah Gofton, Retired

Jail Supervisor - Midland County Sheriff's Department

Jim Gofton, Retired

Lieutenant - Midland County Sheriff's Department


“Myron is current on the duties and responsibilities to run the office; from street level to administrative. His well-rounded 27 years experience in law enforcement and his involvement with community organizations have earned him our support for our next Midland County Sheriff." 

Steve Elmer, Retired

Patrol Lieutenant - Midland Police Department


"Myron has had a lifelong commitment to community, honesty, and professionalism. I have had the pleasure of working with Myron as a Midland police officer as well as a corporate investigator and have seen his work ethic and professionalism first hand. Myron's decades of experience with the sheriff's office, traversing every division, make him the most qualified and obvious choice for the next Sheriff of Midland County. In a time when we really need our law enforcement executives to be above reproach, we are fortunate to have Myron Greene as a candidate."

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