John Moolenaar

US Congressman

"As a lifelong resident of Midland, I know how important it is to keep our community safe and there's no one more qualified to be our next sheriff than Myron Greene. Myron has been keeping Midland safe for almost 30 years and he has the most on-the-job experience of anyone in this race. He has demonstrated his leadership ability and will continue to make Midland a safe place where families can live, work, and pursue their dreams. That's why Myron has my full support for Midland County Sheriff."

Jimmy Greene

President & CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors

"I love this guy and it's no offense to any of the other candidates running, but sometimes you just know who you're supporting.  I'm not a Midland County voter, though I work there daily and I feel so much a part of its fabric. So If I can help in any way, I am certainly going to do what I can.  He's definitely worthy of the office."

William A. Smith, Retired

Patrol Lt. / Jail Administrator - Midland Sheriff's Office

"Due to Myron's length of service and his experience of working in every division of the Sheriff's Office, along with his extensive training and education, he is clearly the most well-rounded to handle the responsibilities of running the Office."

Clark Gerstacker

Gerstacker Farms - Larkin Township

"Myron has the knowledge, skills, and personal connections within the community to keep Midland safe from the ever-changing threats to our society."

Mel Mathews, Retired

1st Lt./BAYANET Unit Commander/Post Commander - Michigan State Police

"Myron was my Assistant Team Leader and one of the most detail-oriented and hardest working detectives on our team. He was very successful in working large scale multi-jurisdictional investigations."

Robert Worsley, Retired

Patrol Lt. / Jail Administrator - Midland Sheriff's Office

"As a lifelong resident of Midland County, Myron is well-respected and a man of integrity. He understands the needs of the community and has been a mentor to many, both on and off duty. He has the professional and personal leadership qualities needed to be a great Sheriff."


I am grateful and humbled by the support that I've received thus far from the residents of Midland County.  As your Sheriff, I will work each day to uphold the integrity of the office and keep the trust you have placed in me.

Andrew Acker

Don Acker

Bill Bailey

Vickie & Dr. Mark Barclay

Dawn & Jim Bartell

Mike Bartos

Ruby & Dr. B.M. Benchley

Pat Bojcun

Michelle Bone

Linda & Dr. Michael Bowen D.D.S.

Barb Boxwell

Tim Boychuck

Geoff Brandle

Megen & Dr. Paul Bucchi

Judy Campbell

Linda Chapman

Becky & Steve Church

William Church*

Amy Clark

Carol & Chris Conklin

Katrina & Jim Conley

Dick Corbat

Bryan Crosby

Karen & Wayne Crosby

Laura Currie

Heidi D'Alessandro

Sandra & Shaun Darland

Kathleen & Matt Davis

Michael De Ruyter

Nancy & Pat Deveraux

Katie & Corey Diehl

Capt. Fred Dingman**

Lt. Steve Elmer**

Cody Eyre

Heather & Derek Fillmore

Tracey & Jeremy Finney

Mary & Pat Fisher*

Christie Frank

Eric Friedman

Deanna & Todd Gambrell

Stacey & John Gannon

Sharon Garza*

Joseph Gaus

Michelle Northrup-Geer & Sam Geer

Barry George

Jennifer & Clark Gerstacker

Shirley & Earl Gerstaker

Marie Giffin

Aubrea & Michael Giltrop

Jail Supv Deborah*
       & Lt. James Gofton*

Kristen & Matt Granzo

Jimmy E. Greene

Judy Greene

Madison Greene

Tamara "Tammi" Myers-Greene

Adele Guest

Jill Gushow & Dr. Gregory Dardas

Theresa & Troy Guthrie

Richard M. Handlon

Jodi Harbron

Karen & Bart Harbron

Bambi Haynes

Thomas Heiduschat

Jeff Hert

Robert "Bob" Hillman

Angela Hine

Jennifer Hinson-Shephard

Kathie Fuce-Hobohm

Gwen Holt

Kathy & Fred Honerkamp

Dr. Jonathan Horbal

Linda & Dr. Richard Horbal

Jake Howard

Matthew Ivan

Karen Ivan

Carrie & Ryan Johnson

Danielle (Dame) Johnson

Dr. Dennis Johnson

Kelly & Rich Juday

Julia & David Kepler III

Patti & David Kepler II

Patti & Tim Keppel

Brooke Kequom

Marje & Joe Kequom

Rod Kloha

Dr. Ted Knight

Doug Krawczak

Karl Krawczak

Tara & Ron Kutchey

Kara & Tim Lacey

Beth & Matt Laming

Craig Lang

Katie & Jonathan Laundra

Trisha & Craig Leigeb

Tammy & Bruce Liphard

Lucy & Dale Liphard

Rylee Liphard

Megan & Michael Love

Lt. Mel Mathews***

Tara & Tom Matonican

Lt. Dan Maxwell*

Zoe & Tom May

Carolyn & Dr. Ben Mayne

Tom McArdle

Mike McGinnis

Heidi Schlafley McGraw

Jan & Marty Mcguire

Andrea & Trent Millard

Jody Mohowitsch

Sue & Chad Moody

Amy & John Moolenaar

Christopher Muller

Karen & Gary Munger

Angela Myers

Mary Lou & Dan Myers

Sue Myers

William "Bill" Newkirk

Jim Nigro

Linda & Robert Norris

Mary & Dr. Tom Olen

Kerry Pacholke

Debbie & Dick Peterson

Kari & Shawn Pnacek

Patrick Pnacek

Peter Poznak

Dawn & Rev. James Randolph

Ashley & Matt Rapanos

Austin Rapanos

Judy Rapanos

Michael Rapanos

Becky & Jeff Rekeweg

Norman Rosenbrock

Vicky & Ron Rutledge**

Maria & Al Sandow

Teal Saylor

Scott Schaffer

Leah & Steve Schultz

Ned Seeburger

Dianne & Joe Servinski

Janey & Len Servinski

Jean & Steve Servinski

Kristy & Jeff Servinski

Michelle & Chuck Servinski

Vanessa & Dr Steven Simmons

Mike Skinner

Christy & Josh Sleeper

Dawn Smith

Jullie & Matt Smith

Jail Admin. William A. Smith*

Lana & Gail Sowle

Robert Sova

Robert Spears

Doreen & Dennis Starner

Linda & Bill Stavropoulos

Trish & Rod Steele

Donna & Pastor Joel Stocker

Sara & Jeff Sutter

Jayme Swanson

Scott Sweebe

MaryAnn & Charles Tabb

Kelly Terwilleger

Diane VanMeter

Erik S. H. Wallen****

Chris Waltz

Krista & Donald Waltz

Wayne Warren

Margo Wazbinski

Kim & Pete Welter

Jennifer West

Nancy Willis

LeeAnn Wilson

Jail Admin. Robert Worsley*

    *Retired Midland Sheriff's Office

  **Retired Midland City Police

 ***Retired Michigan State Police

****Former Midland County Prosecutor

Paid for by Myron Greene for Sheriff. PO Box 2533, Midland, MI  48641

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